Chinese ,Turingian and Escher stones.

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Chinese ,Turingian and Escher stones.

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Stones Guanxi, China, Thuringia, Escher, we use as a final polishing, during the sharpening of a razor, just before going to strop, are nothing but slate.
They take the form of clay, mainly (and then examine the various components' details), metamorfizzata.In reality 'and their metamorphism' 'more' below "that of Arkansas or Belgian.
A digressione.Se there sounds strange that the clay can abrade, it means that you have never vendemmiato.Si, and 'so'. In fact, when you cut off the grapes from the vine and placing it in the trash, complete this operation vintage, you'll be all hands "sticky" because the sugar present in grapes.
A quick way to remove the hassle and 'rubbing his hands with dirt field where you are, and you will see that your hands will be clean after this action.
Coming noi.Queste stones are composed of:

a) Clay.

b) Calcite. (In a few percentages)

a) Quartz

b) Sericite

c) Chlorine

d) Albite (in a few percentages)
Begin to highlight and analyze the individual elements listed above.

The Clay.:
The fineness of its granules' of about 2 microns diametro.Si divided into 4 categories, as regards us, the people of affiliates, affecting the first two.
In fact the first category includes clay consisting mainly of kaolin (or cerium oxide, also present in Arkansas).
The second category includes clay filaments composed of quartz and feldspar.
Do not miss mineral silicates such as metals and zirconium.


There is 'much to say, and' calcium carbonate, can be found in metamorphic rocks and magmatiche.Durezza Mohs 3
Intrusions are those that make the shiny stone because 'precisely reflect the light seem intrusion crystal.
There are 2 types of Sericite:
a) Muscovite: and 'a silicate, Mohs hardness of 2-2.5, can' be green, and in this capacity is referred to Fuchs.
Located in: Russia, Brazil, India, Pakistan, USA [/ b]
b) compared.
Are frequent changes of other minerals that make up the pietra.Si divided into:

1.Ortocloriti (magnesium):

a) Nib: virtually talco.Durezza Mohs 2-2,25
Deposits: Switzerland, Austria, Malenco Val, Ala Valley, Urals.

b) Clinocloro: and 'a silicate color violaceo.Giacitura: Piedmont

c) Proclorite

2.Leptocloriti (iron):

a) Chamoso: silicate greenish color.

b) Thuringite.Da hence the name Stone Thuringia.
Albite: Mohs hardness of 6-6.5, and 'a white feldspar.

Will speak 'in a more' depth will be when 'the Arkansas stone and serena.Comunque has Mohs hardness of 7 and is' one of the 19 stages of metamorphosing silicon.
All slates are widespread in France, and Great Brittany.The slate zone Recco Fontanabuona or not good for sharpening.

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