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Doble Bevel

Messaggioda Aldebaran » 29/04/2010, 11:58

This technique consists in increasing the incidence angle on the stone during the final polishing of the blade. The increase of the angle is carried out by covering the back of the blade with a layer (an extra layer in case the blade is protected, even at earlier stages) of adhesive tape and then the change is also linked to the thickness of tape used.
The advantage of this technique lies in generating an additional or more bevels. The bevel angle wider, the intersection between two planes accidents is more pronounced on the contrary, a very acute angle with the bevel is likely to have an intersection between the planes too weak as well as inaccurate. The technique also facilitates the subsequent double bevel blade sharpening or alterations of the sharpening: a number of times will be enough rilucidare the bevel, using the back the same amount of tape used originally in its apical portion, characterized by the a wider angle. It will not be necessary, therefore, each time removing steel from the entire bevel. The sharpening of the entire bevel apex will occur when the polishing is no longer able to restore optimal shaving comfort.
The technique of double-bevel can be applied to all types of grind, even more hollow.Se appreciates the highest point in the case of wedge blades.
I would like to stress that in the preceding stage of setting bevel and 'useless to put strips of tape on the back.
Indeed, in the same phase, and 'help remove a bit' metal, not only from the blade, but also from other points on it, like the back.
Consequently, applying the taping of the back until the end, while the bevel polishing device operation, the geometry defined above will be '"save."
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