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Franz Swaty



Franz Swaty

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The Swaty and 'a stone pottery (thus contains iron oxide) for sharpening razors freehand.
Can 'be used to water, or with a little' foam / soap, or dry.
Is divided into various models, from "2 to 4 lines.
Here are some photos: ... page_1.jpg ... page_2.jpg ... ty-001.jpg
The "lines" refers to written this last photo, which states:

Franz Swaty
Maribor, Yugoslavia
Marburg Austria "

This, for example, and 'a Swaty 4 lines,' cause the writing and 'divided into 4 minute phrases one o'clock in the other.
A Swaty 2 lines will have 'only the first 2 opening sentences written, and so on.
Typically, according to this classification, also changes the grit, but it 'is difficult to establish precisione.La stone can' still be used both by the other side.
The stones with 2 lines were produced before the death of Franz Swaty, a Polish chemist who invented 'the pietra.Dopo his death (December 18, 1888) were established as 3 or 4 lines.
It 'can also find the written Swaty with different types:

three line
Diamond Hone "

Franz Swaty
Währing bei Wien

And 'difficult but not impossible, ultraffilare with this stone, but there' still a risk of microchipping or a microsbeccature if you overdo the sharpening. This stone pottery, as already 'mentioned, and' also made up iron oxide (ferric oxide), which affects toughness' of the edge.
At the end of the sharpening, stones after less fine, the Swaty and 'able to leave a thread ready to shave his beard.

Historical News

In 1879 Franz Swaty open 'the first factory in Slovenia, that time was part of Austria.
Later, in 1918 by 'a part of Yugoslavia, that's why deciphered the names of different countries written in stone.
The only thing "odd" and 'that Yugoslavia (Jugoslavija Kraljevina) began to call her' only in 1928.
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