Honing Experiment

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Honing Experiment



Honing Experiment

Messaggioda Aldebaran » 29/04/2010, 14:44

http://www.scribd.com/doc/10050000/Knif ... xperiments
I read the book on the experiments of Verhoeven sharpening.
This' I should like to point attention are the following statements of the scientist:
1.The Japanese stones work best on razors and tools in stainless steel with hardness 60 Rockwell scale.
But I did not understand 'what stones are good for carbon steels, in fact, the hardness measured on the Rockwell scale, refers precisely to a scalar quantity, not the kind of steel (carbon or not).
3.A regarding the Strop, he says to use cow leather (taken in a shoe shop) and pasta blue (cobalt oxide), stating that this is' the best way to polish the wire in an optimal manner.
The Leather Strop with nothing on, he says, that does not help much.
I personally have noticed that after the stones to finish Swaty type or paste the Arkansas end of the leather strop and are useless, only that I use before shaving or just do the steps on hand (a 40in) and before sleeping contropelo.
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