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Quality cut nihonto



Quality cut nihonto

Messaggioda Aldebaran » 19/04/2010, 7:02

These terms have been born in 1815 in the article Kaiho Kenjaku to assess the different levels of cutting blades + or - 200 shapers koto and shinto.

Saijo O-wazamono (best cut ever)
O-wazamono (large cut)
Ryo-wazamono (fine cut)
Wazamono (good cut)

blades estimated Saijo O-wazamono then able to cut a 4 bodies on the line of the basin are: Kanemoto I Kanemoto II Osafune Motoshige, Nagasone Kotetsu, Mutsu Tadayoshi, Sukehiro, and Kunikane Okimasa.

blades estimated O-wazamono then able to cut a 3 bodies on the line of the basin are: Yasumitsu, Mino Kanesada, Osafune Sukesada, Higo Kuniyasu, Nobuyoshi, Kanewaka I Daiji Tadahiro Omi and Kaga Kanemori.

Ryo-blades estimated wazamono then able to cut 2 bodies one on the line of the basin are: Norimitsu, Kanesada III Masazane Kanab, Tsunahiro, Tadamitsu, Katsumitsu, Masatoshi, Ujifusa, Tanba Yoshimi, Sukenao, Yasutsugu, Korekazu, Yoshihiro, Hisamichi, and Naomichi Kunimune.

blades estimated Wazamono then able to cut 1 body on the line of the basin are: Kiyomitsu, Sukehiro, Tadakuni, Sadahiro, Masatsugu, Kuniyoshi, Kinmichi, Masahiro, Yoshimasa, Kunikiyo, Morikuni, Aizu Kunisada and Tadayoshi.

None of the great masters of the koto blades were tested: the blades fact Soshu Masamune, Soshu Sadamune, Bizen Nagamitsu Ise and Muramasa had already considered too beautiful and historical value too high to be tested, because they were rated as the best blades ever created thus far exceeded the Saijo O-Wazamono.

Even the family Yamada test swords generations (because of the Executioner), in fact there are still several papers on the great performances that performed on the bodies of living persons.
According to their results, there were 8 other spadai shinto swords which can be classified as Saijo O-Wazamono: Kotetsu, Nagasone Okimasa, Tatara Nagayuki, Shodai Tadayoshi, Mutsu no Kami Tadayoshi, Shodai Sukehiro, Shodai Kunikane, Mutsu Daiji Nagamichi.
In fact they made several knives in nakago affect the results of these tests, but these were only volumes and shin-shinto shinto blades, of course, for reasons of superstition blades high quality Nos were never tested on the bodies of villains, but were used prisoners of war because it was thought that the essence of the person on which he could attach me to the test blade, and if criminals take a lot of bad luck and misfortune.

Japanese swords are still cutting heads of the plots rolled straw or bamboo, although it strongly advised not to use the old blades, poor technique can cause serious damage that it can also cause wire breakage or worse
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