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Q: What is a Nihonto?
A: Nihonto means Japanese sword. For Nihonto means Japanese swords forged by traditional methods.

Q: What is a Iaito?
A: An Iaito is a reproduction of the Japanese sword is not sharpened to be used for the practice of the martial art called iaido.

Q: Where can I buy an Iaito?
A: It is not a Iaito Nihonto but a simple blade operation and therefore does not fall within the scope of study of the forum, ask your teacher or network search.

Q: I want to buy a Japanese sword on ebay, as I recognize if it is authentic or not?
A: We wrote an article that suits you, find it here: http://www.intk-toke...p?showtopic=549

Q: What do you think of Hanwei or other reproductions?
A: The Hanwei and such are not Nihonto are ripruduzioni for practicing iaido or battodo, not being of Nihonto are foreign objects to the forum

Q: Where can I buy a Nihonto?
A: There are some serious traders among a large group of sellers and crafty unprepared. It is not the purpose of the forum provide information on public business. However, attending the forum, knowledge and relationship with their users, thorough study of Nihonto offer useful tools to investigate and properly assess properties for sale and sellers
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