Hart Steel Razor by Zowada

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Hart Steel Razor by Zowada



Hart Steel Razor by Zowada

Messaggioda Aldebaran » 18/04/2010, 8:07

After finishing an overview Zowada Tim, I would talk about her last razor the Hart Steel Razor.
These and 'no frills forged a razor, an object created to just shave.
] The stainless and 'always O1, O2, which usually uses Zowada and' actually 'always O1 but with an addition of vanadium, which prevents grain growth.
The grain growth coincides often in razor with a blade having an angle too dull to shave with satisfaction.
Hart's razor has a bevel angle of about 14.2 degrees, which reaches 15 with the use of duct tape during the sharpening stone.
Queso because 'a bevel set at 13-14 degrees, according to Tim Zowada and' cutting a corner too "mild" to shave a bushy barba.La blade and 'large 6 / 8 about the artisan is now forging with razors a bevel angle of about 15-16 degrees.
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