[Interview] Mondial Shaving : brushes , soaps and more

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[Interview] Mondial Shaving : brushes , soaps and more

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Hello everyone,

From an original idea of member​​ Campalf, realised by moderator Bel_riose, to whom goes my thank, we would like to start a series of interviews to the Italian shaving products manufacturers.

I will now quote Bel_riose:

"In this time of economical difficulties, we find fair and interesting to devote some time to deepen the knowledge of Italian companies that live and produce in Italy, and we may know little about".

The first company that we present is "MONDIAL", company based in Impuneta (Firenze, Italy).
Known for his brushes, recently extended its range, offering many more interesting products for us shaving enthusiasts.

But let's hear it in their own words!

1. Yours is an historic national company. Would you tell us your story?
Our company was born in 1908 like a consequence of the great passion for the world of shaving cultivated by its founder. Back then, even more than today, shaving was considered as a real ritual, actually something magic.
Everybody remembers, just because having one or hearing about, a shaving made by a barber, doesn't he?
And it is this passion for the world of shaving that allowed us to build an increasingly greater experience, until we can say that MONDIAL produces today some of the best shaving brushes in the world.
The more and more careful and meticulous selection of the best raw materials and deep knowledge of the methods and production techniques enable us to consistently guarantee a very high quality standard.
The care and passion that we carry in our brushes remained the same of the past, and the secret lies in maintaining a truly artisan production. This turns each piece into an almost unique piece, a true masterpiece, finished in even the smallest detail.
Obviously craftsmanship later embraced progress, thus combining tradition and technology in the best way.

2. Our users noticed that MONDIAL products offer has greatly increased. In addition to the brushes that many have learned to recognize and appreciate, today MONDIAL offers a great variety of products. Could you give us a brief overview of your products and a preview on the new products?

and again:

3. The market for traditional shaving seems to be slowly expanding, in recent years there is a stronger interest in the traditional aspects of shaving. You recently started to offer your customers shaving soaps, shaving brushes, pre- and post- shaving treatments. How much important is to have a wide and varied range of products?
Our goal is to make shaving a unique moment, sort of going to the barbershop. We like thinking we are cuddling our customers through our products.
MONDIAL has always manufactured prestigious razors and shaving sets, next-to the highest quality brushes, capable of giving a touch of class to the bathroom of a man, but also being a precious and original gift.
The range of MONDIAL products has then grown richer, thanks to an extraordinary line of truly unique soaps and shaving creams, proposed in various fragrances and packagings (both home and travel use) and a series of high quality men's cosmetic products, capable of making shaving, as we said, a special moment.
We remind that in order to get a great shave and make our skin perfect, you don't need more time, but only good products.
And among these products we recommend, besides the use of a good brush and a good razor, the following other products in the MONDIAL line:

MONDIAL PRE SHAVE CREAM - Pre-shaving cream. Thanks to its special formula prepares the skin for a pleasant shaving, creating a thin film that protects the skin from any possible irritation caused by the blades of the razor.
It's also suitable for those who prefer the electric razor to the use of a brush.

MONDIAL SHAVING CREAM IN BOWL: Precious shaving creams in wooden or plastic bowls, available in the following scents: Sandalwood - Almond - Mandarin & Spice - Bergamot - Green Tobacco- Orange Blossom and the two extraordinary fragrances "n ° 908" and "Axolute Homme".

MONDIAL SHAVING SOAPS: Precious hard shaving soaps, available in the following fragrances: Sandalwood - Almond - Mandarin & Spices - Bergamot - Green Tobacco - Orange Blossom.
Still produced following an ancient recipe with essential oils, intense fragrances and without preservatives, our soaps are left to mature in oak vats within a completely natural process. After an initial period of seasoning each soap is then manually branded with the MONDIAL mark thereby giving it a unique charm and prestige.

MONDIAL SHAVING CREAM IN TUBE: Precious soft shaving brush cream, hand-crafted in the following 4 classic fragrances: Bergamot & Tangerine, Energy mint, Orange and Spices, Privée Edition # 1 and in the two precious fragrances "N ° 908" and "Axolute Homme".
It takes just a small amount of product to the palm of the hand, a few drops of hot water and, with the help of a MONDIAL shaving brush, you can make a soft and rich lather, which will prepare your skin for a perfect shaving.
MONDIAL SHAVING MOUSSE: We recommend, to those who don't use a shaving brush, our special Mousse, instead of using the usual shaving foam. Highly moisturizing and soothing, thanks to its active ingredients, such as Aloe Vera and Shea Butter, our Mousse forms a soft and velvety foam. Its special formula prepares the skin for a smooth shave without irritation, surrounded by a unique aroma.

MONDIAL AFTER SHAVE GEL - Liquid aftershave gel, highly moisturizing and soothing. Enriched with plant-derived substances, gives the skin a wonderful hydration and a healthy anti-inflammatory effect ensuring a pleasant feeling of well-being after the daily shaving. Offered in 2 precious fragrances "N°908" and "Axolute Homme".

As an alternative to the aftershave gel, we advise to try our after shave lotion:
MONDIAL AFTER SHAVE LOTION: Not the usual after-shave lotion, no matter how good or particular it may be. MONDIAL After Shave Lotion, proposed in the two extraordinary fragrances "N°908" and "AXOLUTE HOMME", represents something unique in the review of aftershave lotions. Sometimes people tend to think that the alcohol-based aftershave can bring burns or irritation to the skin of the face and the neck. For this reason they prefer after shave creams or gels, convinced that they can make the skin soft and hydrated this way.
The special formulation of our After Shave Lotion Mondial instead contains, among others, elements such as Pro-vitamin B5 that provide extraordinary moisturizing effect and give a truly unique luminosity and elasticity, as well as promote the regeneration of cells of the face and give the skin look younger and fresher. The skin will then appear softer and more hydrated and this wonderful feeling will accompany you throughout the day along with a captivating scent, intense, but never cloying.
Mondial After Shave Lotion also contains Aloe Vera, which together with Vitamins C and E and other valuable antioxidants oligo-elements help fighting free radicals and the effects of aging. In the end, thanks to its natural ingredients it is able to calm the irritation of shaving with extraordinary hemostatic and astringent action, that is instantly healing those pesky little micro nicks or injuries that may occur in every day shaving. It 'also suitable for sensitive skin.

Beside all these shaving products, MONDIAL manufactures an extraordinary body shower-gel for man, a fantastic anti-aging cream and last but certainly not least, a sensational men's Eau de Toilette, available in various fragrances.

MONDIAL SHOWER GEL: The ultimate expression of the SHOWER GEL. His intense fragrance will seduce you, turning the daily shower into an extraordinary aromatherapy experience. The MONDIAL Shower Gel will donate the skin of your body with a pleasant sense of freshness and cleanliness, leaving it soft, supple and delicately scented in typical MONDIAL style.

MONDIAL MULTIACTION CREAM ANTI-AGING: A natural substances concentrate that will give an extraordinary sensation of freshness and youthfulness to the skin. The precious Coenzyme Q10 then helps to fight free radicals, while the organic Shea Butter has anti-wrinkle and firming properties. Suitable for any age group, it helps keep the elastic tissues and returns the proper nourishment to the skin by restoring proper hydration.

EAU DE TOILETTE POUR HOMME MONDIAL: The pride of the whole line. Available in two scents: Line "N°908" and "AXOLUTE HOMME".

The world of perfumes is a brand new world for Mondial but certainly very fascinating.
The personal passion we always shared for fragrances, combined with the vast experience of our perfumers allowed us to give life to a childhood dream, that is creating our perfume, with our own fragrance: there goes N°908 project.
N°908 HOMME is an intense, persistent and very classy perfume. The top note of citrus fruits makes it fresh and pleasant, leaving then space to the body notes, where wise floreal mixtures, along with the woody base notes, make it a true masterpiece.

Lately we developed a new fragrance: AXOLUTE HOMME, a cooler and citrusy fragrance with a more Mediterranean touch, with top notes among which calabrian bergamot emerges, wisely blended with floral and spicy hearth notes, and woody and musky base notes. It expresses a strong character, masculine and full of enthusiasm.

We anticipate that other prestige fragrances are under development for our Eau de Toilette pour Homme, which will join the two existing lines N°908 and Axolute, thus enriching the landscape of our perfumes.

Our goal is simple: to transform the shaving from a repetitive gesture, a boring routine that many even "hate", into a personal moment, where to rediscover ourselves and rediscover the pleasure of taking some time to self-care

4. The name Mondial is historically linked to the production of brushes. How do you manufacture a shaving brush? What features should it have? At the production level, what differentiates a good brush from a mediocre one?
The most valuable badger is the one that comes from the back and the neck of the animal, because it is very soft and fine. From here comes the "super badger" and above all the famous "silvertip".
Maybe the hairs that come from legs and belly are less valuable, slightly bigger and harder and often labeled as "pure badger".
Hairs that come from the hips of the badger are usually identified as "fine badger" and appear softer and finer than pure badger.
Of course, the more a badger is fine and the better lather it will make, being capable to absorb a bigger amount of water, but it is also true that the deep knowledge we have acquired in the careful selection of raw materials allows us to ensure our listeners that our brushes are always made with the finest natural fibers even in the cheapest versions and all capable of a superb lathering.
Actually this great experience we gained in the production and manufacture of shaving brushes also stems from the fact that our company has always produced, in addition to self production, on behalf of many other prestigious domestic and foreign companies, by providing them finished products or semi-finished products, like the head of the brush, to be glued on its handle. This large capacity allows us to find the best lots of badger hair on the market and see our warehouse never ran out of necessary supplies.
Obviously, to get a good badger brush, you need an effective production process, capable of combining the more traditional aspects of a hand-crafted production with the usage of very sophisticated equipment and precision instruments.

5. The global landscape of the producers of shaving brushes, at least as far as we can see, is divided between the British manufacturers (Simpson-Vulfix, Kent, Rooney and others), Iberian (Semogue and Vie-Long), Germany (Muhle and Thater) Chinese (Frank Shaving) and Italian. How does it fit Mondial in this panorama?
As mentioned above, our company not only produces products which then sells, but continues to produce for other prestigious brands in the world of cosmetics and toiletry items for both shaving brushes is just cosmetic brushes and shaving high quality.
So we can feel proud to play a role of some importance in the global manufacturers of shaving brushes and cosmetics.
6. From what we know, the totality of badger hair comes from China. Lately, we are also facing manufacturers of brushes of Chinese decent or good quality, as Frank Shaving and Li Jun. As you can see the entry of these companies in the market? It 's impossible to imagine a different origin of the badger? There are European suppliers of this hair?
The rate is an animal prelevalentemente in North America, most of Europe and in great abundance throughout the temperate Asia.

True, today almost all the raw material comes from China. In fact, until a few years ago there were also excellent providers rate in Europe, especially in Spain, the Pyrenees, where they were perhaps the best rates available. Chinese competition but then ended up taking out even the few remaining suppliers, especially for the large capacity that China provide huge quantities of raw materials.
But we would like to once again reassure our stakeholders that Chinese raw material does not necessarily mean you want to save at the expense of quality. It is enough to have a deep knowledge of the raw material in order to still be able to find the best fibers available on the market, then knowing how to mix in a wise and you're done. In reality it is not so easy, the work behind the creation of a shaving brush is a work made of precisely such passion and experience.

7. Let's go back to shaving products. Some of our users are very sensitive to the ingredients of which are made of shaving products: they tend to prefer natural ingredients, safe and environmentally friendly. What is the policy of the World about it?
Our soaps and our shaving creams are all natural products according to traditional recipes, using only ingredients of plant origin, and of course do not contain parabens or other preservatives.
8. Another current growth is made by users who prefer products that do not contain animal products (this includes both the synthetic hair brushes offered by Omega, Muhle and Simpson in the future as well as by you, both creams and shaving soaps). The plant-based products can reach or even exceed the characteristics of animal-based products? What can you tell us of your line of brushes in synthetic fur "Exchange ECO"?
When you think of a shaving brush is usually thought to a prestigious badger hair brush, of which the "silvertip" as mentioned above is probably the ultimate expression.
However, the increasing attention paid to ecology and the environment issues have started for years to raise awareness of the companies most series.
In this context, it is of course also move our company, which through its laboratories Research and Development has been so successful in developing a synthetic fiber truly exceptional, that is capable of competing with the best badger hair natural. It is a synthetic fiber in fact, the result of constant research, testing and use test that led to the creation of a brush with exceptional characteristics, silvery color, elasticity and softness and incredible features (although it is a synthetic fiber) a great capacity to retain water during the setting of the foam.
9. Many users are wondering how to do to buy your products. What are the trade policies of the World? Think of using the retail, specialty stores or online sales?
Mondial, always producing articles for amateurs, it is perhaps more present in the field of cutlery and specialty stores than in that of perfumeries. Obviously, with the creation of as broad a range of products for shaving and for male cosmetics, the company now caters to an even wider circle of potential consumers. But our goal remains to a select clientele of specialty shops targeting more attentive and experienced.
Today, however, a company that wants to be dynamic can not be present on the web with its own shop, with a virtual store that is where consumers can have access to a complete showcase of everything the company does and is and where especially may find, better than in any other actual shop, the full range of products, always available.
It 's true, in a real store the customer can touch the product, but we are sure that after you have tried our products and after you really understand our business philosophy, our friends will become attached to us. And we to them ...
10. if our users would like to contact you with questions about your products, how can they do?
Your kind users (which we hope will soon become our users) can contact us by writing to:

Facebook page or follow us on:
https://www.facebook.com/MondialShaving ... aving.com/
where you can register without any commitment Area Users in the bottom of the home page and to subscribe to our newsletter, receive all corporate communications major.

We hope to have answered in a comprehensive and clear to your questions. Perhaps we were a bit 'dwelt, but when you do a job with passion, it is said with the same passion. We therefore do not have you bored and be quite managed to enclose the meaning of our work.

In any case:
"Considerate la vostra semenza:
fatti non foste a viver come bruti,
ma per seguir virtute e canoscenza"
-Dante Alighieri,Inferno

"Mai discutere con un idiota, ti trascina al suo livello e ti batte con l'esperienza."-Oscar Wilde

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