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Every morning, millions of people of all countries, who singing, listening to the radio people, who, whistling or even silent in their thoughts, make almost mechanically, a gesture that few people know called pogonotomia.
What a strange word, and 'Why this, that imagination leads to terrifying surgical techniques of the past? It is cruel practices, but only the exact definition of the art of shaving.
Pogonotomia and 'a word that traces its origins from greek po'gon, beard, and tome' (from te'mno) cut.
Its history begins with early man, as documented by cave paintings, artifacts and archaeological rudimentary bronze.
Great importance in the history of shaving was Jean-Jacques Perret (1730-84) as well as renowned French cutler 'author L'Art du Coutelier the work more' cutlery on the famous west past La Pogonotomia or the art of shaving if by ', he wrote in 1769 in Paris.
Perret described his invention and rafiguro'un razor, which I call 'a' Rabot (plane).

http://ilrasoio.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=106&p=514 # p514

It was a blade guard that should, according to the author's intention, allow low-skilled to perform the operation more easily 'and even with one hand.
The project opened 'the street, about a century before, the first attempts at realization of what, then, will be named Razors Sicurezzache have somewhat "democratized" shaving.
Indeed, until then, questions often it involved the work of skilled hands of the barber, it 'is' then a clear advantage for the private use of the razor.
Evidently, in addition to saving time, fell the risk of diseases transmitted promiscuous use of this tool.
Here and 'deepening the topics covered:
Here and there 'a link to the book "The pogonotomie, ou l'art d'apprendre to whether Raser soi-meme, avec de manier ..."
http://books.google.com/books?id=X10GAA ... & Q & f = false
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